NFT Collection

The Fast Food Elon

The Fast Food Elon is a collection of 6,969 unique NFTs. The millionaire named "Elon", he just had bad luck in crypto and now he had to go back to reality.

When you buy Fast Food Elon, you will grants access to join only benefits, the first of which is access to holder campaign. Our mission is to 'give back' a value to holder as much as possible.

Hold Campaign

We're giving away 69.69 ETH to holders!!

We will draw a raffle for every 69 FFE minted and 1 winner will be selected.

The winner will be received 0.69 ETH in prize.

Up to 101 raffles will be held until sold out.

The faster the mint, the more chances of winning.

Hold Campaign Rules

The listed floor must higher than 0.1 ETH.

If your listing is higher than 2X minted price (0.18 ETH) you will receive full amount of prize (0.69 ETH)

The winner can be the same in the next round.

Rewards will be reduced if the listed price is lower than 0.18 ETH as the table below.

Holder Campaign

Listed price



0.69 ETH


0.49 ETH


0.39 ETH


0.29 ETH


0.19 ETH




  • We create unique 6,969 profile picture nfts.
  • Gain more partner and collabs.
  • Hold campaign, FFE holder is automatically join raffle every 69 minted (101 times in total)
  • Next collection airdrop, Every FFE holders would receive 1 alien serum for free. Alien serum is use to create an Alien Elon.

Alien Elon

The Future Holds

Introduce Alien serum it's use to create Alien Elon.

Elon is successful in his work. And now he's back to developing rockets and going into space. He decided to go to the space. He was very happy until he was contaminated by radiation.

After that, he hurry to invent anti radiation serum.

But the luck was not on his side. The serum has critical side effects, there a 1% chance that he is going to mutate into an alien. His luck is bad enough and his journey will change forever.



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